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  • "You are always responsive, regardless of the subject matter, and always professional. It makes such a huge difference to know we can depend on you, that you will do what you say you will do WHEN you say you will do it. We've thrown you a lot of curve balls lately and you responded perfectly. It's hard to find other contractors who even come close to that kind of service."
  • "This was fascinating reading! Covered a lot of detail on indigenous population that one doesn't usually get [in an ESIA]."
  • "Great work! Everything was well documented." "...these are great. They meet what we need."
  • "Thanks for your work thus far. You've exceeded my expectations in terms of both content and timing. Well done."
  • "Overall, you have done a great job delivering a concise ESHIA Management Plan for the Project. Thanks!"
  • "I have just finished reading your document... I must say that I found it to be extremely informative, organized and well-written."
  • "Many thanks for the good work and progress to date – your efforts and attention to detail are much appreciated."
  • “This was the best SEIA I’ve ever seen, I love these guys!” - Comment from House Counsel reviewer.