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International industries and investors are facing important, emerging trends that are redefining their needs for consulting services in support of overseas development programs. Through years of experience and careful listening, Acorn International understands the industry’s key challenges to be:

  • Acorn International Risk ManagementMaximizing the use of local content in support services
  • Providing efficient local access to projects, agencies and services
  • Providing local insight to social customs and political concerns
  • Simplifying effort and time required for contracting services
  • Minimizing time and difficulty of managing local teams
  • Assuring quality of work performed
  • Providing low cost complementary international consulting teams
  • Using fixed price contracts to provide understanding of costs up front, where possible

Acorn International’s mission is to deliver superior value to international industries by providing affordable, world-class EHSS assurance consulting services overseas. The company operates not through a traditional consulting services model, but by providing structured tools and coordination to qualified host-country teams, maintaining a link with international clients and building capacity in the host-country team. This service works by integrating three critical elements:

  1. Well-qualified staff
  2. An established network of qualified host-country teams worldwide
  3. Established protocols and tools (EHSS AssuranceTM)


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