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June 18, 2013

Acorn International's Dean Slocum will be appearing at the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Health, Safety, Social Responsibility and Environment (HSSE) Conference in Lima, Peru on June 26-27.

The inaugural event brings together experts to share best practices, technological advances, new ideas, and innovative applications to showcase developments in HSSE. The theme of the conference is: "Sustainable Solutions for Challenging HSSE Environments in Latin America and the Caribbean."

As part of the technical program, Mr. Slocum will be co-chairing a session titled The Environment - Oil Spill Response, in which specialists will present the most up-to-date information on oil spill response, including oil recovery, in-situ burning technique, and dispersant application. He will also chair a panel session on Social Responsibility and Human Rights, which will examine some of the complex challenges the E&P industry faces, including engaging disparate stakeholders, preventing human rights conflicts, and building shared value with host communities.

Additionally, Atma Khalsa and Mary Beth Snodgrass have submitted papers for the conference. Mr. Khalsa's paper, "Social Risk Management Cheat Sheet: Management Strategies for the Oil and Gas Industry," summarizes the top social risk management lessons learned from E&P projects worldwide and recommends actions to better understand communities, build trust as the basis of a long-term license to operate and help companies identify / prepare for potential social risks. Ms. Snodgrass' paper "The Social Side of Unconventional Oil and Gas in Latin America," explores the U.S. experience and Latin America’s socio-economic and political context, highlighting issue areas and challenges in the countries identified as having unconventional oil and gas reserves.

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