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September 15, 2013

Acorn International is pleased to announce the addition of Dimitri Pilenko as a full-time consultant in our Houston office.

Dimitri is an environmental consultant with experience in environmental management and regulatory compliance for international oil and gas projects worldwide. Prior to his arrival at Acorn International, Dimitri provided technical support and related services to clients in the EU, helping them to improve the efficiency of their processes on multiple topics.

Dimitri holds a BA (Environmental Studies) from Southern Methodist University and a BA (Cross-cultural and Sustainable Business Management) from the American University of Paris, and has gained international experience working in Paris and New Caledonia, France. Most recently he served as a panel expert at The Planet Workshops Global Conference, VIIIth Edition, held in Paris in June 2013; the topic of discussion was "Defining the status of Climate Change Refugees."

For more information about Dimitri, please visit our Core Staff page.

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