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December 15, 2016

Acorn International Welcomes Three Talented Consultants
Acorn International is pleased to announce the hiring of three talented consultants as the foundation of our Colombia operations. Our success and overwhelming client loyalty have generated strong growth in Colombia. In April of this year we established a Colombian subsidiary (Acorn International Sucursal Colombia) and since then have recruited top talent to support our international experts support to clients in Colombia. Joining us over the last few months are:

  • David Sierra – regulatory compliance specialist overseeing operational, administrative and logistical activities of social investment program development
  • Fabian Acero – community liaison officer leading community engagement activities
  • Bairon Bonilla – civil engineer overseeing social investment development (including construction) activities

Each has proven to be a talented and valued consultant for us and our clients, and the three together give us a fun and high-performing team to fuel our growth in Colombia.

We are in the process of recruiting a program coordinator and continuously looking at additional resourcing needs in 2017. 

Acorn International, LLC delivers social and environmental risk management consulting services to international industries and investors. We do so through a distinctive process of partnering with, directing and building capacity of local expert teams in more than 50 countries worldwide to promote local content and world-class quality assurance.



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