Acorn Notes

Issue No. 19, March 2014

What It Takes to Run a Great Consulting Firm

Consultancies are in business to deliver value – value to clients, value to employees, and value to shareholders. The products vary – whether delivering management advice, developing technical studies and plans, or providing technical/logistical support – but the basic model is the same. We sell results measured in hours or fixed fees.

So how do companies in this industry distinguish themselves from competitors? What do they rally around to motivate employees and investors? And how do they convince clients that they are fundamentally better than other options? Ask the head of any consulting firm and she or he will give you the same answer about what makes them special: their team. 

And it’s true. Acorn International was formed to execute a distinctive "Local Content & Global Assurance" mission that we think (a) our clients need, (b) our industry has not provided previously, and (c) delivers exceptional and sustainable return on investment. But when it comes right down to it, our people make us special. 

A talented facilitator.
A great thinker.
A gifted writer.
An unrelenting athlete.
A tiny dancer.
The kindest builder you’ll ever know.

Somehow we have attracted and maintained team members who are not only notably talented in evaluating and managing social & environmental risk, but also deeply introspective, proactive and caring. Each brings to our table and our clients' tables an appreciation for how the results of our work must deliver business value, a commitment to reliable performance that makes us proud, and a drive to make the engagements/journeys enjoyable. And each acts from a built-in belief that we’re smarter and stronger when we work as a team. 

So I answer the question in the same way as my respected counterparts. But deep down I know we have something really extraordinary here, and that this is what it takes to run a truly great consulting firm.


Acorn International Notes

Acorn Notes is a series of periodic papers to share ideas regarding EHSS and sustainability management for international industry.

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