Acorn Notes

Issue No. 22, April 2014

Capacity Building on Stakeholder Engagement

One of Acorn International’s West African partners recently asked for our review and feedback on a draft public consultation guidance document. The objective of the guidance is to present the company’s methodology for identifying and engaging with stakeholders to meet local EIA consultation requirements, and to help ensure that their approach for consultation is consistent and thorough across their projects.

We found that the guidance our partner developed was adequate for meeting the consultation needs for the local EIA process, which is likely the majority of the work that they will perform. But as they expand their business and client base, we thought it would be important to (1) ensure that the guidance also helps their teams recognize when a program beyond the norm may be required, and (2) ensure our partner’s client’s needs are met. For example we recommended:

  • As a first step, documenting the objectives of the project to recognize if an expanded consultation program may be needed, e.g., if a project needs to meet IFC performance standards.
  • Reviewing key messages and visual materials with the client prior to attending meetings with stakeholders to avoid releasing improper information or causing misunderstandings.
  • Ensuring that any concerns related to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and/or UK Bribery Act are reviewed with the client before meetings are held; for example, clients need to know if government officials will be transported to meetings, if meals will be provided or if serving alcohol is customary.
  • Specifying the types of documentation that should be kept, including names of meeting attendees, records of questions asked and responses given, and photographs (if appropriate).
  • Lastly, we provided links to best practice reference materials for public consultation and stakeholder engagement, including documents from IFC, IPIECA and OGP.

Acorn International has worked with this partner on over 10 EIAs in their country over the past five years. We have been pleased with our capacity building success with this partner over the course of our work together, and their initiative to document their public consultation process and seek our feedback further speaks to their vision for improvement and consistency.

The recommendations we provided to their guidance document were an example of our business model being put to work to provide “Local Content – Global Assurance”. Our partner could clearly define the local consultation needs for their country, and Acorn International was able to provide advice for enhancements to meet international industry needs and best practices. We are pleased to see evidence of this model at work with our West African partner and we look forward to similar successes with other partners worldwide.

Acorn International LLC delivers social and environmental risk management consulting services to the extractive industries and investors worldwide. We work with local partners in over 80 countries worldwide. We look forward to engaging in continuous improvement for the industry and building capacity with our partners.   



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