Environmental and Social Baseline Survey and Impact Assessment

Industries, investors and regulators worldwide need reliable assessments of potential project impacts and effective mitigation plans that are developed by integrated teams of international and host-country experts. Acorn International delivers Environmental and Social Baseline Studies, Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments, and related services to help development projects worldwide proceed in a sustainable and efficient manner.


Environmental & Social Baseline SurveyOur EHSS Assurance™ includes modules for Environmental and Social Baseline Survey and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. Using these tools and our extensive experience, we work with our in-country partners to produce results that meet industry needs while providing important local knowledge unknown to international consultants.

Examples of our expertise in these service areas are described below:

Environmental and Social Baseline Survey
Our Baseline Survey experience includes:

  • Environmental Baseline Surveys for Shipyard Facilities in Nigeria
  • Social Baseline Survey of the remote areas of Palawan, Philippines; Sabah, Malaysia; Northern Kenya and Central Morocco
  • Environmental Baseline Survey for an LNG plant site and surroundings in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Environmental Baseline Survey design for an offshore, transnational pipeline in West Africa
  • Environmental and Social Baseline Survey for a gas field development and processing facilities in remote northwestern Kazakhstan
  • Environmental and Social Baseline Survey for field reactivation in Venezuela
  • Environmental and Social Baseline Survey for major gas plant development in Nigeria

Acorn International and its principal have led and performed over 80 environmental and social impact assessments worldwide.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Our Environmental and Social Impact Assessment experience includes:

  • Seismic and exploration drilling programs in Angola, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russia, and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Drilling and production programs in Bolivia, Brazil, Cote d’Ivoire, Kazakhstan, Liberia, Nigeria, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela
  • Independent review of Social Impact Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement Program of the Panama Canal Expansion
  • Strategic EIA and Environmental Hazard Identification Workshops for Eagle Ford Shale Gas Development Program in the US
  • ESIA and Contamination Assessment for World Bank-Sponsored Power Plan Development in Liberia
  • ESHIA for Development Projects at Molybdenum Mine, New Mexico
  • SIA for Offshore Exploration and Port Development Program in Morocco
  • Facilitation of Integrated Environmental, Health and Social Risk Assessments for an FPSO (USA), a produced gas management program (West Africa), a power plant (Thailand), Oil and Gas Production Facilities (USA), Mineral Mine (USA), and Offshore Gas Facilities (Venezuela and Trinidad)
  • World Bank/IFC ESIA and Related Studies to obtain financing for an LNG plant in Trinidad and Tobago

Our principal and staff have worked side by side with industry engineers and managers, financiers, regulators, and third party stakeholders/NGOs in performing these assessments.

Acorn International was recently one of a few firms selected to provide facilitators for ESHIA Facilitation and Risk Management processes by a major oil company. Three of our staff members are trained to facilitate the company's ESHIA process for development projects worldwide and two are qualified to facilitate the Environmental, Social and Health aspects of the Company's Integrated Hazard Identification (IHAZID) process.


To read more about our Environmental and Social Baseline Survey and Impact Assessment projects, visit our Experience page.