Training Course

Delivering Local Content in the Extractives IndustriesDelivering Local Content in the Extractives Industries

Participants will gain an understanding of local content in the extractives industries through case studies and interactive exercises to demonstrate lessons learned, best practice, and strategic approaches.

Day 1

  • Local Content-Extractives Industry Context
  • Fundamentals, Origins, and Drivers of Local Content
  • Local Content Regulatory Expectations & Social License to Operate
  • Economic growth or protectionism – WTO and other considerations
  • Challenges to Energy and Mining Companies
  • Good International Practice Guidance and Standards
  • Global and National Trends in Developed and Developing Countries
  • Case Study

Day 2

  • Local Content Strategy and Implementation
  • Cross Cutting Issues : Human Rights, Labor, Capacity Building, Local Content Assessment and Development
  • Social Impact / Risk Management: Local Content Role
  • Local Content Assessments
    • Demand Side Example
    • Supply Side Example
    • Gap Assessment and Possible Remedies
  • Local Content Management Plans
  • Local Content Strategy and Integration with Social Investment
    • Local Supplier Development
    • Local SME Development
  • Enterprise Centers, E Procurement, and Training Examples
  • Implementation Challenges & Lessons Learned from the Field

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